Heroin Addiction Rehab

An opioid, Heroin is a painkiller commonly taken for its euphoric properties. As the recreational increase of Heroin has increased in recent years, the number of overdose deaths from its use has sextupled in number, accounting for over 10,000 deaths in 2014. In addition to the threat of fatal overdoses, the use of heroin has also been linked to a number of issues including kidney & liver diseases, collapsed veins, bacterial infection, HIV and hepatitis transmission from shared needles, pneumonia, and other organ damage. Heroin use is particularly frightening, as users can become dependent after only one use and will do everything in their power to get the next fix.

Heroin addiction should be treated through an inpatient program with medical staff specifically trained to supervise and manage the many withdrawal symptoms that will occur during the detox phase, which include but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, pain, inability to sleep, cold flashes, sweats, and fever. The detox process with heroin last about one week, during which all traces of the drug are flushed out of the body. Then the intensive therapy can begin. Studies have shown that the most effective heroin treatment programs last at least 90 days.

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