Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Each patient’s specific combination of physical and psychological composition, addiction triggers, and type of substance abuse is unique to him or her. With this in mind, each patient’s treatment plan should also be uniquely tailored to him or her. For instance, recovery from heroin dependence can look very different from recovery from alcoholism. The first step towards successful recovery is finding a treatment plan that caters to recovery from the patient’s specific type of recovery. Here are the major types of recovery programs available:

Alcohol Recovery

Nearly 7% of the population struggles with alcohol abuse, but there is hope for recovery.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Take the first step towards freedom from addiction to painkillers and other prescription drugs.

Marijuana Addiction

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Cocaine Recovery

Recovery is challenging, but far more likely for those who successfully complete an intensive inpatient rehab program.

Heroin Rehabilitation

Find out more about our comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation process. Break free from addiction!


One tricky component of meth recovery is navigating the detox phase, since the chemicals can remain in one’s body for up to 6 months.

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