Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The 2nd most commonly trafficked drug in the world, cocaine causes more than 5,000 deaths every year in the U.S. and has been dubbed the most addictive drug known to mankind. Though rate of cocaine use has gone down in recent years, with an estimated 1.5 million users as recently as 2013 (down from 12 million plus during its hey-day in the 80s, its life-altering addictiveness is no less potent or problematic.

Accounting for nearly 6% of drug treatment program admissions, cocaine users often abuse more than just one drug so seeking professional treatment to ensure the patient’s safety is crucial. During detox, cocaine is usually out of the patient’s system by the third or fourth day, but withdrawal symptoms may last as many as 3 weeks and include anxiety, apathy, depression, extreme cravings, paranoia, and irritability. The detox phase should be followed by a robust counseling program that includes individual, group, and family therapy to reduce the likelihood for relapse.

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